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First aid training is neglected by a lot of people. If you will understand the importance and significance of the first aid training course, then you will surely go for this. There are now so many first aid courses available for all. The role of the first aider is to have things under control prior to the arrival of the paramedics. When there is a good CPR training and AED knowledge, then you can help in stabilizing the patient’s condition. There are lots of situations wherein you need to respond to the situation directly like in controlling bleeding and treating bruises. Among the things that hinder a person to respond to an emergency situation are shock, panic as well as fear and not having the right skills and knowledge.

First aid is also an essential component in CPR and first aid training. This particular kind of training is vital because accidents and medical emergencies do happen. Some of the situations that require first aid are puncture wounds, nosebleeds, head injuries, fractures, electric shock, cuts, scrapes, choking, burns, bruises and bite wounds. Each situation requires unique first aid procedures, thus, first aid training will require much more time than CPR training online. For example, the treatment of a puncture wound is different from that which is provided for a cut. Applying the appropriate kind of treatment that will minimize damage is an important component of providing first aid.

First aid training is a very useful skill to learn how to face different accidental situations. The first aid can save someone; life when an accident occurs. There are lots of reasons why you should learn first aid training. It can beneficial to you, no matter what job you go for, with your own children and even in the cases of a serious emergency. In these cases one question can rise in your mind where you want to learn it. In Ireland many first aid centres are offering training in first aid. If you take first aid training class, then you can control over these situations because you will know how to handle these situations and what to do until the emergency services arrive.

If CPR is needed, be aware of the decreased bone strength in the elderly. Breaking the ribs (which happens frequently in CPR even on younger people) of an older person can cause injury to internal organs.

We cannot know when an accident is going to happen. At the time of accident first aid training is very useful. If you are trained in first aid courses, then you can operate the situation and you can also know the difference between a life and death situation. A first aider can start the treatment of the patient by taking instant action, rather than wait for an ambulance or Doctor to arrive.

5.Examine the various customer service offerings and see if they meet your needs. Do units come with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee? What is the charge for shipping? Are there any additional products offered (either discounted or free-of-charge) that you can bundle with your order?

3.Look into an AED Loaner Program which allows for customers to receive identical equipment to replace a unit that needs service or repair. Verify that your first aid supply provider will offer a loaner unit if your unit ever needs to be serviced, repaired or replaced.

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Check For Breathing – place your ear near the patients nose and mouth listening for air. Look at the chest for rise and fall. Do this for not more than 10 seconds. If breathing is absent, immediately give two blows. The blows should be given at 1 second each.

First aid kits include quality dressings, bandages and other hygienically packaged items and a booklet. This booklet is a guide which contains all the first aid information and instructions. A first aid kit is a collection of all equipments for the first aid. These include adhesive bandages, moleskin, dressings, bandages, butterfly closure strips, saline, adhesive tape, soap, antiseptic wipes, masks and shields to name a few.