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Heart Attacks

 Also, changing your diet can have a big impact on the likelihood of your having a heart attack. Our American Heart Association suggests that you take olive oil with a salad every day and some kind of fish containing omega-3 fats.

Heart attack is a common disease and a severe health problem. It can be proved fatal if proper medical care is not obtained during a heart attack. It is a threat to survival. It is difficult to get medical care in a situation of heart attack while alone.

Besides breaking down clots, bromelain appears to keep clots from forming in the first place. Explaining this area can get somewhat complicated and confusing (to me anyway). The “stickiness” of your blood cells has a lot to do with clot formation. This “stickiness” is linked to your body’s production of temporary hormones called prostaglandins. Bromelain blocks the production of prostaglandins that keep blood cells from getting too sticky, and promotes the production of those that help circulation. On the other hand, aspirin blocks the production of all prostaglandins, both good and bad!

Older studies already indicate that smaller doses of aspirin reduce the chances of a person with diabetes from having a stroke or heart attack in the first place. That is important information because adults with diabetes are at the same risk of heart attack or stroke as someone who already has had a heart attack or stroke. Another way of putting it is that diabetes patients are two to four times more likely to die of a heart attack than people without diabetes.

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These causes will help you to be conscious regarding any problem beforehand. You should be well aware of the symptoms that may help you to identify these diseases like angina, anxiety, sweating, abnormal heart beats, dizziness, shortness of breath. If you experience any of the above mentioned symptoms then its better you should contact a cardiologist and find ways through consultation how to overcome the problem. It is always advisable for people who are suffering from the problems of heart or cardiac diseases to take proper care before the situation become riotous.

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Buying time for a heart attack victim is critical. If you can detect the symptoms quickly and transfer the casualty to the emergency services, then those quick actions might just be the difference between life and death. The main symptom you should look out for is a person complaining of a central chest pain radiating between the abdomen and the jaw, and in some cases down one arm. They may also complain of a crushing feeling on or around the chest, much like having a heavy weight sitting on it. At this stage it is vital to make the call to the emergency services, and clearly state the symptoms and your location. By doing so you may be able to pre-empt cardiac arrest, and buy the casualty vital lifesaving minutes. If you are unsure if you are dealing with a heart attack then other symptoms include a blue / grey appearance in the skin, severe indigestion and nausea.

Different people have different causes for their panic attacks, and researchers are still unsure what causes panic attacks. Stress of course can also play a large factor with panic attacks. Sudden changes that are out of your control can also trigger a panic attack.

A number of the causes of panic attacks include: The prolonged working pattern with computers can result in this condition. To avoid this, regular work pattern should be broken. It is also better to take regular breaks. Losing body control. Nervousness will slowly increase which will lead to anxiety attacks. Incidents from past life. For instance there might be a break up in family or loss of a family member can result in anxiety attacks. Some people may go through unpreventable attacks due to organic causes which may be cured by consulting doctors and consuming drugs with mild dosages.